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Our Mission and Vision

Hyde's Mission Statement 
Hyde Leadership Charter School - Brooklyn's mission is to develop the deeper character and unique potential of each student. Using the Hyde process of family-based character education, Hyde-Brooklyn will unite parents, teachers and students in helping each student achieve his or her best academically and in sports, the arts, and service to the community. 

Hyde's Guiding Philosophy
Hyde Leadership Charter School - Brooklyn believes that each of us is gifted with a unique potential that defines a destiny. A commitment to character development enables us to achieve personal excellence and find fulfillment in life. 
To paraphrase Martin Luther King, we strive for a school where the members of our community will be judged, not by their inherent talents or native abilities, but by the content of their character. 
Our primary goal is the personal growth of Hyde's students, but our experience has taught us that all constituents – students, teachers, and parents – must strive for personal growth in order for Hyde's students to reach their potential. We expect our success to come more from an adherence to a belief system than to a set curriculum. The cornerstones of that belief system are HYDE’s Five Words, Five Principles and 10 Priorities.